Cosystone heaters are designed to blend elegance into offices, bedrooms and living areas. They provide any room with an attractive focal point. Utilising the full range of different colours and sizes, they can be used as a discreet and silent heating panel, without requiring bulky energy-consuming heaters and radiation systems.

Furthermore, they provide a simple way of reducing your heat consumption, whilst maintaining comfortable room temperatures. Cosystone heaters can be wallmounted in portrait or landscape fashion.

Radiant heat

Radiant heat is the transfer of heat from a body of energy directing its warmth to people and objects. Radiant heat travels at the speed of sunlight, without wastefully heating the air at the top of the room.

About Cosystone

Cosystone heater panels are made of a heating wire mat embedded in layer of electric insulating polymeric material adhering from both sides with thin polymeric sheets. This sheets are manufactured from reinforced resin compound with very high electric insulation properties. The heat generated by the wire is partially emitted to both the radiating front face and backwards to the convection space. Due to this system, Cosystone combines the comfortable warmth of radiation and the desired swift warmth of convection.

Benefits :

Comfortable warmth Cosystone heaters generate comfortable warmth, providing all room surfaces with constant temperatures, thus preventing the “warm head, cold feet” experience, discomfort of eyes and drowsiness.
Healthy heat Cosystone heater is ideal for the sufferers of asthma because it minimises the dust circulation, bacteria and reduce illness or allergies.
Cost efficiency Cosystone heaters do not require pipe work, boilers or even a special electricity supply. Energy-saving Cosystone heaters reduce your heating bill significantly, warming objects and surfaces without wastefully warming the air.
Environment-friendly Cosystone heaters are the cleanest form of heating due to their silent operation and low wattage.