• The frame must be installed fully supported on the manhole enclosure topping surface without any free unsupported projections inside the free opening.
  • Protect the metal nut fixed in the frame to receive the lock from any dirt or material waste.
  • Use tapered installation guide tool to ensure accurate alignment and verticality of the screw and nut holes.
  • Use any greasing material to coat the screw so that it will be unscrewed easily for maintenance.
  • To lock the cover to the frame be sure that the lock holes are accurately aligned together and use the screwing T-tool until the screw head is fully flush with the cover top surface.
  • Use the same T-tool for unlocking when needed.
  • To left up the cover use the screw side of the T-tool and screw it in the metal nut fixed at cover bottom and pull up the cover from the frame.
  • Keep the T-tool tied to the cover to reinstall the cover in the frame after maintenance.