MARMOX Board ProX 022 –
high efficient heat insulating construction board

MARMOX Board ProX 022 are construction boards with extraordinary efficient heat insulation. The boards are made of a closed cell CFC and HCFC free polystyrene foam (XPS) with a very low λ-value. The foam is produced basing on an innovative patent registered new technology (EP 2741899 B1, WO 2014064487, US 14383953). A waterproof and gas diffusion tight material, applied on both surfaces at the top and bottom, provides a strong bond of adhesives, as well as cement based and other solvent free types.

MMARMOX Board ProX 022 are ideal for applications where a very effective insulation with a minimum thickness is required, e.g. inside insulation of wet rooms due to the waterproof toppings. No additional water proofing or gas diffusion tight barrier on the whole area need to be applied, only joints and cuts has to be sealed additionally.

MARMOX Board ProX 022 are also ideal for insulation under electric floor heating system.

MARMOX Board ProX 022 are unaffected by water, steam or humidity, with zero water capillary, light weight and easy to handle and to install. Ideal requirements for a wide range of application.

Mosaic, tiles, natural stone, plasters or putties can be applied on the surface of MARMOX Board ProX 022 thanks to the excellent bonding of cement and polymer based adhesives.
MARMOX Board PROX 022 hoch wärmedämmende Bauplatte

Standard Dimensions :

Product Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Lenght (mm) Weight (kg/m²) heat conductivity (W/mK)
MARMOX Board PROX 022 – 20 20 600 1.250 / 2.500 ≃ 2,20 0,021
MARMOX Board PROX 022 – 30 30 600 1.250 / 2.500 ≃ 2,60 0,022
MARMOX Board PROX 022 – 40 40 600 1.250 / 2.500 ≃ 3,00 0,023
MARMOX Board PROX 022 – 50 50 600 1.250 / 2.500 ≃ 2,40 0,023

Other dimensions upon request.

Technical Properties :

Property Standard / Norm Value
compressive strength EN 826 0.40 N/mm² (at 10% deflection)
water vapour resistance EN 12086 sD > 3.000 m
tensile strength EN 12087 0.30 N/mm²
fire rating EN 13501 Class E
coefficient of thermal expansion ASTMD 696 30 x 10-6
capillarity 0
release of dangerous / poison substances none
  • Properties :
  • environment friendly CFC- and HCFC free production
  • extraordinary low heat conductivity of λ (after aging) ≃ 0.022 W/mK
  • light weight, low weight per volume
  • stiff boards with very good mechanical properties
  • water proof and gas diffusion tight
  • easy, quick, clean and accurate cutting by cutter or saw
  • excellent bonding of cement tile adhesives

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