The following guide contains instructions that are essential to good external thermal insulation system practice. Failure to adhere to these instructions could lead to problems with installation or untimely system failure. Follow the instructions of these TDS for all products used in Marmox External Insulation System.>

General Requirements:

  • A pre-installation survey of the property shall be carried out and recorded to confirm suitability of substrate for application of METIS including modifications/repairs needed.
  • Installation schedule of METIS must be coordinated with other trades on the project and signed by the main contractor.
  • At some cases, many flashings must be installed prior to proceeding with METIS installation such as windows, louvers, doors or other finishes intersections.
  • The consultant and the main contractor prior to commencing with the installation must approve installation procedure and different sections details.
  • Adjacent construction materials and/or fixtures that are likely to be soiled by the installation process must be appropriately protected.
  • Scaffolding and other necessary equipment must be in place prior to installation.
  • The main contractor should facilitate access to electrical power and clean water.
  • All METIS material should be protected from weather and other damages using proper storage and application.
  • Insulation material should be stored on a firm, clean, dry and level base, which is off the ground. The insulation material should be protected from exposure to direct sunlight by storing open packs under cover in dry condition or by covering with polythene sheets.
  • If any material is not mentioned in this guide and is to be used within the insulation system, a written approval must be granted by Marmox-Bahrain to ensure the compatibility of this material to the METIS.