MARMOX Shower Slope

More and more people appreciate the comfort and the creative design options offered by the installation of barrier-free showers. These and more advantages make barrier-free shower trays an optimal solution for bath-rooms.

Tried and tested for many years, MARMOX Shower Slope is an attractive shower underlay for the installation of barrier-free showers. The surface is suitable for the application of both ordinary tiles or mosaic tiles of at least 25 x 25 mm. Special designs for vinyl coverings are also available.

Description :

The sloped underlay is not only suitable for installing tiles, but also for mosaic tiles as small as 25 x 25 mm. It distinguishes itself by a low height of 22 mm and a slope of at least 2%. The core of the sloped underlays consists of extruded polystyrene rigid foam coated on both sides with a high-quality cementitious special mortar that is reinforced with an alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh.

The special finishing of the coating guarantees a high point load compressive strength. Moreover, the surface is coated with waterproof fleece overlapping the outer sides of the sloped underlay, thus providing a professional and secure sealing of the wall and floor connections.

MARMOX Shower Slope is available in many dimensions with both point drain and linear drain.
MARMOX Shower Slope - Punktablauf
MARMOX Shower Slope - Linienablauf


Both MARMOX Shower Slope versions are equipped with the floor drain WIRQUIN JAMES that is suitable for horizontal and vertical connection to the sewage system.

A particularly flat version is the WIRQUIN SLIM for MARMOX Shower Slope – point drain – in this case the total height is 82 mm only and the drainage performance is 33,6 l/min.
Wirquin James

Characteristics :

  • low height of the element – 22 mm only
  • premade slope towards the drain
  • available with either point or linear drain
  • barrier-free installation
  • elements can be easily cut to size and adjusted to local conditions
  • time-saving installation
  • suitable on both timber or concrete subfloors
  • available in different dimensions with central or decentral drainage